Our mission is to offer a dynamic educational surroundings, by encouraging excellence. All students are challenged to attain their maximum ability by learning at their functional stage to offer a strong foundation of talents, knowledge and values. This foundation enables each student to become a well-educated, efficient person who will be able to cope with an ever changing world.

We believe that variety is everything, and so the list of extra-curricular activities on offer is wide-ranging and varied. There are sports like football, karate, cricket etc. Other activities involved are debates, trips, student exchange programmes which help students develop their overall personality.

Our distinctive academic programmes and innovative teaching methodologies, encourage students to develop critical-thinking and learn through enquiry and reason.

Teachers are imbued with the spirit of dedication and devotion. They are not only qualified but also have excellent personality and teaching background.

As by the orientation of CBSE, CCE is a system of School based Evaluation of students that covers all the aspects of students development. It means to build bridge teaching-learning process. It means regular assessment, frequent testing of small contents diagnosis of learning gaps, use of corrective measures, providing feedback to parent and student, not only about scholastic areas but also about co-scholastic aspects like activities,sports,abilities,attitudes and aptitudes. Formative Assessment should be diagnostic and remedial. It makes provision for effective feedback.

Evaluation Tools In Formative Assessment (FA)

  • Unit test
  • Science projects
  • Group Discussion/Seminars
  • Homework/classwork
  • Surveys/Field tour
  • Quizzes
  • Individual and /or Group activities
  • Models making/Project Work
  • Oral Test/Written test/open book test
  • Assignments/Worksheets
  • Presentation

H.L International school awarded Academic excellence of board topper of the Students.

i) Late. harlal Singh Smriti Award for every class topper.
ii) late.Jaiwati devi meritorious Excellence Award for CBSE board topper of School

School code-59047

Affiliation No-2131856

H.L International School is running under the Harlal Public school samitee is Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education up to Senior Secondary level(10+2).

*Mandatory Disclosure

Name of Principal Dr.Kalpna Sirohi
Principal,s Email id principalhlis@gmail.com
School,s Email id sunil.hlps04@gmail.com
School website www.hlischool.com
Land mark Near sadar tahsheel
Year of establishment of school 2004